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Anne VanDehey

    Registered Yoga Instructor 


   My journey with yoga began right after high school in 1978. I was 17 years old and doing some modeling while contemplating my future plans. I was exposed to yoga through a modeling instructor and soon started reading all the books on it I could. My life and my goals became clear through the power of mindfulness and visualization. "If you can dream it; you can make it happen" became my mantra within just a few months of living a yogic lifestyle. I moved to San Diego, started my own upholstery business, built a 50' boat, sailed to Mexico, lived in Tahiti, met many amazing people from all walks of life and had a very exciting and "colorful" time in my 20's. There were many trials and tribulations, being thousands of miles from my family for years, financial struggles, disappointments and bad relationships along the way but yoga is what kept me centered, sane and optimistic through it all. I never lost my true self.

   Over the past few decades my practice has fallen into the background from time to time as I have switched careers (several times), moved, gotten married or had my 2 beautiful daughters but I have always come back to it when life presents a challenge. Yoga brings me back to my self with clarity and peacfulness that gets me through life's tough choices. It also keeps me physically healthy and fit but it is the mental strength and focus I achieve through practice that makes it so powerful. Yoga improves every aspect of your being!

   At this point in my life I want to share yoga with people who are not "into" exercise, those who think they are not flexible enough, young enough, thin enough or healthy enough. You do not have to sweat, have pain or even have to get on the floor to reap the benefits of yoga for yourself; and it's never too late to regain your health regardless of your current circumstances.

"I believe everyone can benefit immensely from doing traditional Hatha Yoga no matter your age, your weight, your flexibility level or your current physical health challenges because everyone can breathe to some degree and move to some degree so by focusing on increasing breath and movement in a slow, mindful way you will increase your overall health... mentally and physically. I have been practicing yoga for over 40 years and know this for a fact. I am committed to teaching yoga to all who want to age more gracefully. You can be happier, healthier, stronger, calmer AND more flexible!"

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